Fiscal Responsibility and Accountability

As your Ward 5 Councillor, I will work with my colleagues on Council to make your tax dollars go to the things we need as a City and fight against reckless spending while our economy is declining. In 3 years, $7 million dollars has been spent on public art including $471,000 on the Blue Ring and $236,000 on an LED light installation on a NorthEast Water processing plant. While art is important to the community, we need to stop spending money because the current policy permits it; and we need to start focusing on local talent instead of international talent. $5 million was allocated to the Calgary Bid Exploration Committee (CBEC) just to report back to Council of a bid was feasible. Their report came back with a price tag of $50 million to bid and $4.6 billion to host. While some funding can come from the federal and provincial governments, it ultimately comes from the taxpayers. Council agreed to spend $7.1 million on a pilot project for bike lanes in the core at a time when Calgarians are losing jobs and the economy is suffering. That is a spend of $14 million of taxpayers money on wants for our city, not our needs. Line items I would have opposed as your Ward 5 Councillor. I will report quarterly to Calgarians as to what my office spends and commit to having among the lowest expenses of my colleagues. Being your Councillor is about representing you, our communities responsibly and with transparency.

Ensuring public funds go towards responsible and necessary City projects

  • Assessing costs of each proposal and ensuring that projects come in on time & budget
  • Encouraging City Hall to be accountable & transparent when it comes to public tax dollars.
  • Being honest about the collection of taxes. It is not about eliminating taxes, but ensuring that tax dollars go to projects & ventures that are meaningful.
  • Being willing to debate large ventures & approach them with pragmatic perspective (Calgary Airport C-Train extension, Calgary 2026 Olympics)
  • Work to encourage where possible that public dollars be spent in the respective communities from where they originate.

Safer Communities

Building safer communities is not only about policing and fire halls that service Ward 5 but working with the City departments to create safer roads and intersections in our communities. Requesting Traffic Studies in areas where the established communities and the newer communities assure that we have safety for all our residents.

  • Reinforce values of the Calgary Police Service concerning education/rehabilitation versus immediate incarceration.
  • Build positive relations with members of the Calgary Police Service. Teach that the police are our friends, not someone to fear.
  • Within budget, ensure that as many schools as possible have a School Resource Officer available to them.
  • Take a proactive approach in dealing with issues such as opioids and other narcotics.
  • Educate public on how to be safe & encourage public to take proactive action on safety. (Safewalks, Neighbourhood Watch)
  • Encourage victims of crime to speak out & report it. Create an environment where victims are not shamed and supported through the proces(Safewalks, Neighbourhood Watch)


As Ward 5 continues to grow with newer communities being developed, I want to collaborate with established communities, their associations and Ward 5 residents to make sure that we have the right infrastructure, transportation routes and green spaces in place to maintain our quality of life in Ward 5. Growth for the sake of growth doesn't build our future, working with all stakeholders in Ward 5 as well as the City of Calgary so that we live in a dynamic City that is a destination to work, live and play.

Establish policy that focuses on long term visions for each of the communities of Ward 5.

  • Build, establish or restore community centres that are active & actively engaged.
  • Encouraging a future forward approach to policy in City Hall; promote policy that thinks 15-25-35 years down the road.
  • Building inter-community relationships & promote policy that promotes economic growth in the new & established communities.
  • Restoration work on older roads & communities. Build them to last.